Troubleshooting a Brother 7020 Copier

Brother 7020 can be a great option of copier that you can have. This will help you to get the copies of documents that you need. But, in a particular time, you might find that this machine cannot work properly. You might get faded images and documents from this computer, or you can do the copying job perfectly.

You will find that the Brother 7020 might get dirty or wear down after you use it for hundreds copying job. If you find some problems that might occur in this copier, there are ways that you can do to troubleshoot the machine. Follow the following steps if you want to troubleshoot your Brother 7020 copier.

1. Find the red button (Job Cancel) on the control panel of the machine and press it. Then, you should turn off the computer by pressing the power switch. You should also unplug any cable that you can find in the machine.
2. Let the machine to cool down by leaving it for several minutes. Then you should reveal the toner cartridge of the device. You can do it by pulling the cover of the machine.
3. Get the plastic locking and locate it next to the left-hand end of the cartridge. You should press it toward you. Then, you should set the toner cartridge on the stable work surface.
4. Look at the top-right of the cartridge and find the blue tab. Grip it and slide the tab to the left end of the cartridge. Then, you have to slide it back to its previous position. You should repeat it for several times to clean the corona wire that exists inside the cartridge.
5. Look inside the machine to find whether there is jammed paper or not. You can do it by the inspecting the toner cartridge inside the computer.
6. Look at the front of the machine and close the plastic panel that you can find in it. The, you should reveal the scanning glass of the machine by pulling the plastic lid. Wipe off the glass that you have shown with a soft cloth towel.
7. When you have finished, close the lid of the copier. When you find any paper jammed inside the feed tray, pull the paper.

Those are some things that you can do to troubleshoot the Brother 7020 copier that you have. By doing those things, you will be able to use the machine properly so that you can do the copying jobs with this machine.

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