5 Printer Maintenance Tips to Increase Your Printer Life

When it comes to electronic devices, we hear about constant updates and upgrades. There is always a new model ready to replace older ones. That does not necessarily mean that whatever you own becomes disposable or has a short life span.

Regardless of whatever type of printer you own, it can serve you for a long time, if you are cautious about its maintenance. It is pretty easy to maintain your printer, and it takes minimal effort from your side. Here are five tips to help you keep your printer running smoothly and efficiently.

1. Read The Instructor Manual:

One of the main mistakes most people make after buying a printer is deciding that they do not need the instructor manual. This is a false assumption. It is very critical, if not an absolute necessity to go through the instruction manual and keep it at hand for future use. It helps you figure out how to maintain your printer.  The fact of the matter is that every make and model is different and every printer may need different ways to keep it up and to run. If you don’t follow your manufacturer’s recommended procedures, you might invalidate your warranty, which will do you no good.

2. Clean Your Printer

The cleanliness of your printer can not be something you decide to overlook. Cleanliness of your printer can not be emphasised enough. Most problems arise because some part of the printer was not cleaned the way it should have been.  The build-up of dust, toner and other debris inside your printer can cause jams as well as streaks of ink that appear on papers where you don’t want them.

Remember to clean your printer inside out. You may use a small vacuum, canned air dusters, Q tips and even just a damp hand cloth. Cleaning at least once a month is recommended.

3. Turn The Power Off

Turn off your printer if you are not going to use it for a long time. Printers generate a lot of heat while they are on. This can cause significant damage to our printer. You should also switch your printer off when you are about to open it for cleaning or any other purpose. You should also keep your hands clear of hot fusers and moving parts inside the printer. This will prevent unnecessary damage to the printer and you.

4. Location:

One should be mindful of the site of the printer. If you carefully plan out where the printer will be placed, this can help increase the life of the printer. You should avoid putting it near heat and dry air because this can cause problems for printers, potentially contributing to print head clogging with inkjets and toner degradation with lasers.

Also be careful not to put your printer in a place where it can be knocked over by passing human traffic. This always contributes to significant damage.

5. Update Your Printer

The out-of-date software can cause print problems. Occasionally a manufacturer will update printer drivers (the software that controls your printer) to add extra features or to remedy a problem. Check with your manufacturer to make sure your driver is up to date. Updating to the latest drivers is very significant. Remaining up-to-date by installing the latest drivers from the manufacturers will help keep your printer in excellent working condition.

Every printer goes through the occasional problems of paper jams, leaks, ink smudges etc. But if you are investing time into printer maintenance you will be able to increase the life span of your printer significantly. It is amazing how some extra effort and few extra minutes of your time can benefit you in the long run.

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