We are brother printer support number

  • We support all the major brands of printers
    We support all the major brands of printers
  • Providing service tailored to every needs
    Providing service tailored to every needs

We are a major supplier of printers across Salem and Portland Oregon. We have been in the business for more than 20 years now. We also provide extensive repair services to our customers. Throughout the years we have earned a good name in this business. We have supplied Brother laser printers and Brother inkjet printers to homes and offices and have done many major repairs works successfully. Whether you need one printer or many printers for your office or training center Brother Printers can provide you the best quality printers possible. We have printers of major brands like Xerox, Sharp, HP, Samsung, Okidata, etc. in our stock. Along with the printers, we have our own line of Brother toner cartridges that are compatible with the printers you have. We only keep quality products in our stock. You can rely on us and get a high-quality printer that will last for many years.

  • Our printers will give you high-quality printing for your home and office needs.
  • We have printers of the latest technology that will make your printing job faster and better.
  • We provide both online and offline services for our customers.
  • Our repair services are affordable and we provide a guarantee for our services.
  • We guarantee quick service so that your work is not hampered.
  • We have good technical knowledge about printers, so we can do repair works without damaging your printer.

 Our services

  • Provide installation and setup support for printers.
  • Provide driver installation.
  • Help setting up printer network and WiFi.
  • Help with toner cartridge replacement.
  • Repair printers if anything goes wrong.

We can provide support services for any hardware, software or other problems related to printers. We have many years of experience in this field. We have worked with individual customers, banks, hospitals, offices, and others. Brother support team has successfully solved their printing problems without much interruption of their daily activities. Please call us if you need to buy a new printer of requiring any support services for your existing printer.